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Subluxate:to partially dislocate; causing multiple structural & neuro dysfunction, pain and discomfort. Therefore it can be effectivly addressed though appropreiate Chiropractic Case Management.

Craium (Skull)(28 bones): which can subluxate or be
               affected(22 can be adjusted).

(24 bones;aka vertebrae):
  Cervical(Neck): All 7 cervical vertebrae)
                can subluxate or be affected.
  Thoracic(Uppper to Mid-Back): All 12 thoracic
                vertebrae along with their adjacent
                24 ribs can subluxate or be affected.

  Lumbar(Lower Back): All 5 lumbar vertebrae
                can subluxate or be affected.

Upper Extremities(64 bones):
  Shoulder Girdle(which includes; Scapula,Sternum &
clavical), Upper Arms, Forearms,
               Wrists,& Hands(including fingers),

all of which can subluxate or be

Lower Extremities(62 bones):
Pelvic Girdle(which includes; Ilium(hips), Sacrum
& Coccyx(tail bone),Thighs, Legs,
               Ankles & Feet(including toes),
           which can subluxate or be affected.

Plus various Core Body Muscles, which also can be 
addressed through Chiropractic Management.

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Are You Ready For The MIRACLE Of What Your Body Is Capable Of? Call for an Appointment Today. Most insurance accepted. 602 863-2277 Dr. E.W. Randall,Chiropractor drrandall@cadillacchiropracticaz.com
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